Project Description

Goal: Fixing Google Penalties and improve the website rankings in the major Search Engines.

About the Client:

Founded in 2002, Endeavour – The Mobility Company is CMMI Maturity Level 3 assessed organization, providing “strategic mobile consulting and mobile solution development services”. We are the specialized mobile Consulting & System Integrator (m-C&SI) with expertise to implement end to end mobility solutions.

The Challenge:

A director at Tech Endeavour came to Performetris with the desire to develop a better website, to increase web traffic, and to rank higher in search results for their main services like mobile application development across various industries. The challenge was to understand the reasons for the decline in the search engine rankings of the website along with identifying the virus affected links in the website.

The Solution:

Our experts thoroughly reviewed Tech Endeavour’s performance history. At its peak performance, the website was garnering about two times the number of unique visitors per day than it was post pharmacy virus attack. Thus, the first step was removing backlinks using Performetris’ link removal team and disavowing links that we could not remove.

Continuing the analysis, our team could see that although the virus had indeed affected website traffic, the biggest negative impacts with traffic were actually caused by poor keyword strategy and poor design and/or content.

At the time, Tech Endeavour’s website design was outdated, especially compared to its competitor’s websites. Worse it didn’t reflect their reputation for providing exceptional accessibility mobile apps for over a decade. It was clear that a website redesign would be critical not only to overcoming the effects of the virus attack, but to achieve the company’s ancillary goal of improving conversion rates, lowering bounce rates, and calling attention to key product offerings, and creating a more welcoming environment for website visitors.

The Results:

After working with the client and implementing our recommendations for improving site quality and content, we uploaded the optimized website with a refined page strategy. Intuitive navigation menus, improved text content, and updated photography greatly enhanced the website’s aesthetic appeal and thus, user experience.

In addition to a site revamp, we kicked off a comprehensive off page strategy for TechEndeavour and gained positive reputation through good quality backlinks.

Immediately following the launch of the redesigned website, the website’s traffic and usability flourished. By undergoing a website revamp while simultaneously improving link-building techniques, we were able to return site visits to pre-penalty levels. Overall leads have improved after undergoing several conversion optimization strategies, and the website has once again achieved credibility in Google search results.