Project Description

Goal: Helping the event management company develop an events based website and helping them promote its event in various digital media and social media platforms and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

About the Client:

An event management company based in Qatar that conducts top upcoming events in Qatar including music and festivals, history and culture, sports and religious events, film and theater plus Qatar kids and family events.


An upcoming organization in the event management industry expressed the need to develop a website for its events and improve organic search engine marketing performance to help reduce the need for spend on paid search advertising. The client also requested the need to better track results from current digital campaigns. They engaged Performetris for a (12) month search engine optimization campaign.

As the client was relying heavily on the social media platform they needed a better way to measure, analyse, understand and improve their presence in social media. Stakeholders were struggling to sort through the noise, understand the metrics that truly mattered on each social network, and analyse these metrics in a way that provided meaningful insight.


Performetrisdeveloped the website based on the requirements of the client along with the new organic keyword research. We provided recommendations on the following:

  •  SEO technical analysis and recommendations
  •  Local SEO recommendations
  •  Overall website user experience analysis and recommendations
  •  Conversion optimization recommendations and monthly reporting

We built a social analytics framework to help them understand their social media campaignsand create buckets into which the individual metrics could fall. These include:

Authorship: A measure of the contribution to the conversation a company makes in social media.

Growth: A measure of how many people have actively chosen to receive a company’s social media marketing messaging.

Reach: A measure of the expansiveness of your social media marketing messages. How many users see the event?

Engagement: A measure of how many users actively engage with the company’s event.

Influence: A measure of a company’s ability to make the event go viral, their influence on other users in social media.

Sentiment: The feeling towards a company or brand in social media. What others are saying about them.

Effect: A measure of how social media leads to off-network goals such as website conversions.


After completing the assigned tasks on the website audit and maintaining on-going search engine marketing campaign activities for roughly (12) months, the non-profit noticed a sharp increase in total customer requests and total organic leads (3) months after the initial audit. Organic search leads continued to increase significantly.

By actively placing social media metrics into these various buckets, setting concrete goals and aligning analysis and recommendations towards these goals. This alignment helped Event-Qatar achieve fantastic results for the event.