Project Description

About the Client:

Indian Myra was born to showcase the sheer beauty of India exemplified through Indian fashion & lifestyle products.  Indian Myra aims to bring India to YOU in a simple yet fun way. With one click you are transferred into the world of Indian fashion ranging from runway pieces to exceptional bazaar goods.

The Challenge:

Optimize on-site content for the e-commerce website before the beginning of the shopping season and implement a research-backed keyword strategy for the website using insights into customer personas.

The Solution:

Performetris approached the solution for Indianmyra using a customer-centric, research-backed keyword strategy. Performetris used available data and additional customer research to inform strategy and program development, including accepted SEO best practices, current and future site structure and design, and stakeholder input.

Our SEO team performed keyword research for the site, taking into account the different types of customers who shopped on the site. Using that research, the team developed a keyword strategy for all of the main categories and subcategories on the sites that would help direct content. Performetris created 50 to 60 keyword-optimized custom meta-descriptions for each product to improve click-throughs from Organic search. Prioritization was given to product categories that would have the largest impact during the shopping season.

The Results:

Applying a research-based keyword strategy allowed the website to target the customers they wanted on each site. By working closely with the Indianmyra team to understand their customers, Performetris was able to help direct and implement optimized site content throughout the engagement. Demonstrating how to use the keywords, where to use the keywords, and what to keep in mind when creating content in the future, Performetris delivered a comprehensive and scalable keyword strategy that produced significant organic traffic growth.