Project Description

Goal: Increase visibility of the website in search to position the brand to attract site visitors.

About the Client: is venue discovering, promotion, management platform. It recommends venues for your events (Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops, etc.) based on your occasion, capacity, budget, amenities and city.

The Challenge:

The SEO challenge encountered at the beginning of our engagement was the lack of a focused keyword strategy and the website built in a way that was very difficult for search engines to crawl for content. The lack of a focused keyword strategy resulted in a situation in which the few SEO elements that could have potentially aided the site (page titles, meta-descriptions, and internal links from blog posts) were far from effective. In order to develop a solution for both problems, our team collaborated to simultaneously perform deep keyword research and look into advanced technical solutions.

SEO Keyword Research:

On the keyword side, we analysed terminology used in the client’s inaccessible content, dug into large volumes of keyword data, and analysed search/industry trends. Our research helped us make decisions about the keywords to be used in the site. From there we developed a thorough keyword list that would allow our team and the client to strategically work high opportunity keywords into specific pages.

Overcoming Accessibility Issues:

On the technical side, we knew that improving search engine rankings would be exceedingly difficult while the site remained in flash.

So, we weighed in our options:

  • Completely rebuilding the site would be a massive resource cost for the client and was off the table from the beginning.
  • Using the noscript tag (which the developers had included as a “fallback” for older browsers) to deliver SEO-specific content wasn’t working.
  • Using a newer technology that would work hand-in-hand with the old site and that wouldn’t necessarily require a ton of upfront investment might be feasible.

Implementing the Solution & Initial Change:

As with any Enterprise, implementing large code change across their platform required a proposal, approval, collaboration with the development team, and, of course, budget.With perfect timing, the revised site launched and the corresponding research-informed alternated content. With a week, we noticed large jumps in rankings for the site’s most important non-branded keywords. These rankings had been relatively stable for months, seeing only small gains every once in a while. For many keyword rankings, the launch of our solution correlated with ranking jumps of more than an entire page of results.

The Results:

The site saw an additional 67% gain. Gains in total organic can be deceiving, since increased brand activity, influence, and attention can lead to big increases in branded search traffic. To truly assess an SEO campaign’s effectiveness, we prefer to look primarily at search traffic from non-branded keywords. Once our plan was implemented, we saw significant growth as the site saw a 250% gain in traffic from non-branded searches.